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MP3Two Victories in Christ (Daniel W. Paterson)

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42:41Part 1

... all in one. There wasn't time to more than read the passage in 1. Cor. 15, the great resurrection chapter. Now is Christ risen to become the first ...

MP3Acts 2 (Gospel address) (A Lindsay)

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39:15Part 1

... indeed unto sin, but live unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord. Corinthians 1. Cor. 15 15 and verse 3 For I reveal unto you first of all that ...

MP3Bible Basics Conference 2011: "Christ the Lord, Christ the Head, Christ the King" (Bible Basics Conference; Simon Attwood; Michael Hardt; Nick Fleet; Hugh Clark; Paul Dronsfield; Graham Warnes; Geoff Hawes; Andrew Poots)

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32:20Part 7

... kingdom and maintains it for God's glory for a thousand years, we read in 1. Cor. 15 that he will commit it back to the one who entrusted him with ...

MP3Supply that which is lacking (Andrew Poots)

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54:23Part 1

... the subject will be 1. Thess. 4, the coming of the Lord, and 1. Cor. 15, the resurrection of the saints, and the change. Subjects that are ...

MP3The Feasts of Jehovah (Ernest Brown)

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52:55Part 5

... scriptures which tell us anything about conditions in eternity proper. 1. Cor. 15, verses 24 to 28. Eph. 3, verse 21, the last verse in ...

MP3The Corrective Epistles (Ernest Brown)

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1:03:09Part 2

... the converse sadly expressed significantly in the Corinthian epistle, 1. Cor. 15, about verse 33, evil communications corrupt good manners. Bad ...

MP3The Lord's Return (J.S. Blackburn)

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41:48Part 1

... living Christ shall rise first. We all remember that I suppose it's in 1. Cor. 15 that it says the last trump, and it's perfectly plain that this ...

MP3The great salvation (Frank Wallace)

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46:37Part 2

... 1. Thess. 4 and features connected with it in Phil. 3 and in 1. Cor. 15 and other passages too. And then the glorious appearing of ...

MP3Genesis 22 (J.S. Blackburn)

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40:14Part 1

... we've got. If we were to turn this evening to the resurrection chapter, 1. Cor. 15 in the New Testament, we would find that in various parts of ...

MP3Crucified, Died, Buried, Raised, Glorified (Emil Nashed)

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1:02:24Part 1

... it down. And I have power to take it up again. And Paul said in 1. Cor. 15 If Christ was not raised from among the dead we are still in our sins. ...