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MP3The coming of the Lord (Frank Wallace)

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42:40Part 3

... does so in the hope of being with Christ. And as we saw in 1. Cor. 15, the hope of the resurrection of the body and to be with Christ forever in a ...

MP3The Kingdom of Heaven and of God (Norman Anderson)

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1:01:24Part 1

... earth, in accord with the will of God. This is clearly seen in 1. Cor. 15, verses 24 to 26, and also Jn. 5, verse 29. The kingdom of ...

MP3Lectures on the life of Peter (W. Missen)

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41:46Part 8

... to and given their testimony at that time. There's ample evidence as 1. Cor. 15 sets out of the resurrection of the Lord. They believed that he ...

49:15Part 5

... the dead raised and the living changed, as we have it set forth in 1. Cor. 15 and in 1. Thess. 4, and all caught up to be with the Lord and ...

MP3The Worlds Time (Hans Ruedi Graf)

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1:01:14Part 1

... to waste it? Are we going to use it? Look at 1. Cor. 15. 1. Cor. 15, verse 58. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, unmovable, ...

MP3Bible Basics Conference 2015: The church (Bible Basics Conference; Hans Ruedi Graf; Robert Wall; Simon Attwood; Graham Warnes; Michael Hardt; Nick Fleet; Geoff Hawes; Paul Dronsfield; Mark Grasso)

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28:02Part 5

... times in the New Testament, 2. Tim. 2, 2. Jn. 9, 1. Cor. 15, evil communications, corrupt good manners. Rev. 2, verse ...

MP3Bible Basics Conference 2008: Dispensations (Bible Basics Conference; Ernest Brown; Hugh Clark; Simon Attwood; Michael Hardt; Graham Warnes; Nick Fleet; Andrew Poots)

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27:01Part 10

... be King. But at this moment, the Lord Jesus is rejected. That verse in 1. Cor. 15, 25 says, He must reign. It is absolutely vital in a world in ...

31:35Part 15

... everlasting kingdom. We know it will come to an end because it says in 1. Cor. 15 then comes the end when he delivers up the kingdom at the end of ...

MP3Bible Basics Conference 2012: "Genesis 1-12" (Hugh Clark; Michael Hardt; Graham Warnes; Hans Ruedi Graf; Paul Dronsfield; Geoff Hawes; Simon Attwood; Nick Fleet; Andrew Poots; Bible Basics Conference)

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28:30Part 2

... on the third day thou shalt revive us and we shall live before thee. 1. Cor. 15, according to my gospel Christ died for our sins, according to the ...

34:55Part 7

... is not first, but the natural, and afterward the spiritual. It's 1. Cor. 15. And of course the outcome. There's a difference in outcomes. In ...

MP3The Hope of the Church (Ernest Brown)

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35:16Part 2

... moment is an even shorter space of time. For years, you know, I read 1. Cor. 15, and I read it as that in the blinking of an eye, that's how I ...

MP3Bible Basics Conference 2007: Things God has prepared for us (Bible Basics Conference; Michael Hardt; Hugh Clark; Andrew Poots; Geoff Hawes; Simon Attwood; Edwin Cross; Ernest Brown; Nick Fleet; Paul Dronsfield)

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35:16Part 11

... moment is an even shorter space of time. For years, you know, I read 1. Cor. 15, and I read it as that in the blinking of an eye, that's how I ...

MP3Catford Lectures 2008-2009 (Catford Lectures Conference; Ernest Brown; Paul Dronsfield; Michael Hardt; Nick Fleet; Andrew Poots; Geoff Hawes; Simon Attwood; Hugh Clark; Michael Vogelsang)

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1:02:25Part 7

... all men. And then lastly for the moment, if we can look at 1. Cor. 15, and verse 45. 1. Cor. 15, 45. And so it is written, the first man, ...

50:51Part 2

... a good thing if, not infrequently, we were to sit down and read 1. Cor. 15 as to the proper manner in which the assembly should function when we ...

1:05:52Part 6

... the scriptures in connection with God and everything. Now, we could turn to 1. Cor. 15. And verse 28. And when all things, we have the all things ...