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~25 min.Sanctification, Without which there is no Christianity (J.N. Darby)

inthebeloved.org · ... recalled to me chapter 40 of Isaiah. I do not speak of the accomplishment of the prophecy which will take place at a later day for the Jews, but of a grand ...

MP3The Book of Ezra (Michael Hardt)

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45:19Part 1

... up his spirit. I'm quite sure that this king had access to Isaiah's prophecy, and he must have been deeply impressed that God should have spoken about him ...

~26 min.The Matter Of Reception (W. R. Dronsfield)

biblecentre.org · ... were in the apostles' fellowship. Now it is reversed. And did not the scriptures prophecy that it would be so? We are in the last days. The Lord's coming ...

~18 min.The Second Epistle To Timothy (William Kelly)

biblecentre.org · ... of the seed of David," the fulfiller of the promises, and object of the prophecies. Even if we look at Him so, He was raised from the dead. Resurrection is ...

MP3Arise let us go hence (Fred Pettman)

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41:47Part 1

... coming back again, I'm coming again. And this is a wonderful foreshadowing, a wonderful prophecy of the Lord's coming for us. I will come again, not I will ...

~176 min.Comments On The Gospel Of John (Leslie M. Grant)

biblecentre.org · ... could John discern the great glory of this divine person. But Old Testament prophecy, as well as the Father's revelation, had made known to John that this ...

MP3Righteousness and peace (J. Packer)

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48:37Part 1

... that offering that satisfied and sustained him. Do you know, slipped into that wonderful prophecy of Isaiah, a verse you well know, in the 53rd chapter, he ...

MP3Bible Basics Conference 2009: "Walk Worthy of the Calling!" (Bible Basics Conference; Simon Attwood; Michael Hardt; Graham Warnes; Hugh Clark; Paul Dronsfield; Andrew Poots)

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30:14Part 5

... be made a prisoner if he went to Rome. These prophets have given verbal prophecies. But we also have written revelation. Which we have in the word of God. ...

MP3Beholding Jesus (R. K. Campbell)

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47:55Part 1

... great title. And we go to the book of Zechariah. Where we have the prophecy. And then we will see. Fulfillment in the Lord Jesus Christ. And it's connected ...

MP3What is the relationship between assemblies? (Andrew Poots)

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36:09Part 1

... is the house of God. And it was formed in answer to the Lord's prophecy on the day of Pentecost. And there at Jerusalem, the believers were all together. ...