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Hosea 13 (Synopsis) (J. N. Darby)


Scripture:Hosea 13 Hos. 13

~3 min.The Prophet Hosea (Arend Remmers)

biblecentre.org · ... to Hosea twice: Rom. 9:25-26 Hos. 2:23; 1:10 1. Cor. 15:55 Hos. 13:14. The apostle Peter mentions Hosea once: ...

~4 min.Brief Notes on Job (D.W. Paterson)

towardthemark.org · ... A simple clear message, about 4000 years ago. Of course there are other witnesses, Hos. 13:14: O death, I will be thy plagues O grave, I will be ...

Position:Toward the Mark #32

~7 min.Christ is Risen Indeed! (N. Anderson)

towardthemark.org · ... grave, where is thy victory?" (v. 55). See in addition, Isa. 25:8; and Hos. 13:14. "The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin ...

Position:Toward the Mark #70

~4 min.The Prophet Hosea (Morrish Bible Dictionary)

biblecentre.org · ... of the people. Jacob's character was reproduced in his descendants. Hos. 13. Here again is found the conflict between the prophet's affection ...

~7 min.Hosea (John Gifford Bellett)

biblecentre.org · ... constantly in view. The language of resurrection itself is so employed in Hos. 13, that the apostle can use it, when he is making literal ...