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Proverbs 1 (Synopsis) (J. N. Darby)


Scripture:Proverbs 1 Prov. 1

Proverbs. Practical reflections on (JND)

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Position:The Bible Treasury Volume 06 (1866) Page 17

Scripture:Proverbs 1-2 Prov. 1-2

Ecclesiastes or The Preacher (Arend Remmers)

biblecentre.org · ... This fact also speaks for Solomon only (see 1. Kgs. 4:32; Prov. 1:1). Various expressions in Ecclesiastes would indicate that Solomon wrote ...

Proverbs (Arend Remmers)

biblecentre.org · Arend Remmers. 31 Chapters. Author and Time of Writing Purpose of Writing Peculiarities Overview of Contents. The book of Proverbs bears the inspired title: ...