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Acts 14 (Synopsis) (J. N. Darby)


Scripture:Acts 14 Acts 14

The Numerical Bible (Volume 6: Acts to Corinthians) (F. W. Grant)

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Position:The Numerical Bible (Volume 6: Acts to Corinthians) Page 84

Scripture:Acts 13-20 Acts 13-20

Position:The Numerical Bible (Volume 6: Acts to Corinthians) Page 84

Scripture:Acts 13; Acts 14 Acts 13; Acts 14

Paul's ministry in Acts xiii—xx

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Position:The Girdle of Truth Volume 04 (1859) Page 289

Scripture:Acts 13-20 Acts 13-20

Acts 8-14. (W. Kelly)


Acts - Division 3 (Acts 13-20) (F. W. Grant)


~120 min.Commentary on the Book of Acts (Frank Binford Hole)

biblecentre.org · Frank Binford Hole. Acts 1. BY ITS OPENING words the Acts of the Apostles is linked in the clearest way with the Gospel of Luke. The same Theophilus is addressed, ...

~3 min.The Source of True Happiness (Frank Binford Hole)

biblecentre.org · ... are unknown. Let us glance at three Scriptures on this point. Read Acts 14:8-18, where we find ourselves amongst the people of a district which was ...

~7 min.1.9 Ezra's prayer of confession and repentance

... of Lystra regarded them as gods and wished to sacrifice to them (Acts 14:11-18). The rending of Ezra's clothes thus designated sorrow, shame and ...

~15 min.The Deity of Christ (Dr. Daniel W. Paterson)

biblecentre.org · ... this worship (Acts 10:25-26). Paul and Barnabas also (Acts 14:11-17), even angels refuse worship (Rev. 19:10,22:9), ...

~3 min.The Acts of the Apostles (Arend Remmers)

biblecentre.org · ... to Asia minor (around 46-49 AD) Paul was accompanied by Barnabas (Acts 13:1 - 15:33), on the second journey to Asia minor and Greece (around 51-54 AD) ...